We're Ready for You

When we operate within the gifts we’re given, we are able to see ourselves the way Lord designed us.

Let’s Create Together!
The Creatives is a vibrant group who enjoy creating content for social media engagement, capturing moments through photography or assisting with event designs.
Let's Worship Together
Be a part of a team who loves to worship through singing or playing an instrument.
Let’s Make Every Sunday Morning Special!
Be a part of the teams who make Sunday mornings happen. Our operations crew ensures that everyone has a great Sunday morning experience. Our hospitality team is always ready to greet you with a smile, Epiphany Kids are ready to engage our future leaders and Chat Moderators are meeting new Epiphany Family every Sunday online.
Let’s present the Gospel!
And we're LIVE! Whether online or in person, there's a lot that takes place behind the scenes to cultivate a great experience. From camera operations, to setting the mood with lighting, to live graphics (aka clicking through slides), we want you to be part of the team that sets the stage for an incredible experience.
Let's grow up into Christ together!
The discipleship ministry seeks to connect people at Epiphany and ensure that no one is following Christ alone. Our discipleship leaders/mentors are regular Christians who seek to serve God and love people by obeying Christ's command to "make disciples". At Epiphany we prioritize discipleship because Jesus did and believe that spiritual maturity happens as we create space for people to grow in their knowledge and love for God and neighbor together.