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We're Ready for You

When we operate within the gifts we’re given, we are able to see ourselves the way Lord designed us.

Team Nights

Learn what it's like to be a part of an Epiphany team! Team nights are a chance for you to meet team leaders (and other members), get inspired, ask questions and have fun! No commitments necessary.

More Team Nights Coming Soon!

Don’t see your team? Reach out to the team’s leaders by using the links below.


We've got some amazing teams at Epiphany! Everyone is welcome to join or ask questions, all you need to do is reach out using the links below!


In order to effectively operate as a unified body, we must communicate clearly! This group of teams makes sure our messages go out when we need and to the people who need them.


The App Team manages the Epiphany app with the vision of welcoming digital visitors into the Epiphany experience.


Our Newsletter Team regularly crafts and disseminates information via email to our congregation.


The Website Team manages the Epiphany website with the vision of welcoming digital visitors into the Epiphany experience.


We don't believe church should end after Sunday service. Through a number of initiatives, groups, and programming, we seek to have something for as many different groups and interests as possible, serving others while also providing a place to live out the Gospel as one united family.


The Amos Ministry facilitates and participates in regular community service to let our neighbors know that Jesus cares for them.

Arts Team

The Art Team’s focus is to exercise the gifts God has given as a tool for sharing the gospel and to deepen our love and knowledge of God through creative collaboration and public events.

Beloved (Women's Fellowship)

The Women of Beloved create spaces for women at Epiphany to gather, learn and love on one another.

Book Club

The Epiphany Book Club reads the latest literary works that challenge us to grow spiritually, relationally, and individually.

Community Life

The Community Life Team creates spaces for biblical community to be fostered and authentic relationships to grow by using fun events and regular programming (such as Small Groups) with faith in Christ as the connector.

Epiphany Moms

Epiphany Moms is a community of Honest, Open, and Transparent (HOT) moms who connect with each other through the ups and downs of motherhood through encouragement, prayer and support.


The fitness team gathers to equip us with ways to stewards our bodies well.


The Epiphany Marriage Ministry engages, disciples and equips married and premarital couples with biblically-based teaching and resources to develop healthy, loving relationships with God, themselves, spouses and others.

Men's Fellowship

The Epiphany Mens Ministry creates spaces for men at Epiphany to gather, learn and love on one another.


The Singles Team at Epiphany is designed to provide impactful events and creative spaces for single saints to live out their faith while navigating relationships from the perspective of being single.


The Creatives is a vibrant group who enjoy creating content for social media engagement, capturing moments through photography or assisting with event designs.


The Creative Team devises “outside the box” production-forward concepts to encourage connectedness and relatability around Epiphany moments and the church community at-large.


The Design Team creates engaging visuals for people to experience the beauty and imagination of Christ.


The Events Team plans and organizes fun gatherings for Epiphany to fellowship, have fun and experience the love of Christ.


The Photography Team captures engaging photos that reflect the love shared and experienced in the Epiphany community.

Social Media

The Social Media Team is responsible for creating engaging content across social media to spread the message of the Gospel.


Be a part of the teams who make Sunday mornings happen. Our operations crew ensures that everyone has a great Sunday morning experience. Our hospitality team is always ready to greet you with a smile, Epiphany Kids are ready to engage our future leaders and Chat Moderators are meeting new Epiphany Family every Sunday online.


The Baptism Team ensures all parts of the baptism process - from building and filling of the pool to its deconstruction and storage following baptisms - all run smoothly in order to ensure an available space for believers to regularly make the public declaration of their faith!

Epiphany Kids

Epiphany Kids provides safe and educational spaces for Epiphany kids ages 2-9 to learn about the Bible --- incorporating worship, prayer, as well as activities around Biblical teaching.

Epiphany Youth

Epiphany Youth provides safe and educational spaces for youth ages 10 to 15 to learn about the Bible --- incorporating worship, prayer, as well as activities around Biblical teaching.

Growth Track

The Growth Track Team walks alongside guests and members to ascertain their next steps at Epiphany such as membership, serving, training and discipleship.


Our Merch Team casts vision for and designs all clothing and accessories that are sold and given away at Epiphany.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team provides excellent hospitality (food, drink, and accommodations) to the Pastoral Team.


The Prayer Team intercedes for the body of Christ through prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.


The Safety Team ensures a secure environment for our congregation during all Epiphany events.

Service & Teams Support

The Service & Team Supports Ministry aids every Epiphany ministry in their operational needs such as set-up and breakdown.


The Welcome Team makes up the first smiling faces you see upon entering, as well as general information and direction to provide warm welcome and hospitality to all who enter our space.


And we're LIVE! Whether online or in person, there's a lot that takes place behind the scenes to cultivate a great experience. From camera operations, to setting the mood with lighting, to live graphics (aka clicking through slides), we want you to be part of the team that sets the stage for an incredible experience.

Camera Operations

The Camera Operators manage the cameras during live events.


The Lighting Team creates engaging lighting sets that enhance the worship experience.

Network Design

The Network Design team addresses data management and infrastructure, plus pretty much everything else related to the information technology at Epiphany

Presentation (Live Graphics)

The Presentation Team oversees the visual displays both in-person and online throughout our services.

Sound Team

The Audio Team manages clear and engaging audio that enhances the worship experience.

Stage Management

Stage Managers ensure events and services run smoothly and according to schedule.

Stage Manager

Stage Managers ensure events and services run smoothly and according to schedule.

Stream Team

The Stream Team, serving primarily as broadcasting directors, queues the shots on specific cameras during live events.


Be a part of a team who loves to worship through singing or playing an instrument.


The Band is a collective of talented instrumentalists dedicated to worshiping God through musical play and enhancing worship experiences through skillful performance.


The Worship Team consists of vocalists who lead us in praising and glorifying God through music.


The discipleship ministry seeks to connect people at Epiphany and ensure that no one is following Christ alone. Our discipleship leaders/mentors are regular Christians who seek to serve God and love people by obeying Christ's command to "make disciples". At Epiphany we prioritize discipleship because Jesus did and believe that spiritual maturity happens as we create space for people to grow in their knowledge and love for God and neighbor together.

Discipleship Leader

Discipleship looks like Christians in intentional relationships, serving one another, as we are transformed from the inside out by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship Team Support

The Discipleship Team assists with administrative work for the discipleship classes including God Seekers, Way of the Kingdom, Foundations of the Faith, etc.